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The Princess Bar RP

Gabriel's Character in The Princess Bar RP
(So he's not a superhero, but he's super annoying)

Name: Gabriel
Codename: (none)
Aliases: (Too many too list but a few are) Messenger, Sorush
Age: Appears to be about 30
Gender: Male
Height: 6'6"
Weight: around 210 pounds
Eyes: Black (will sometimes be seen as a soft, silver/blue glow with no actual eyes)
Hair: Black, falls to the collar in the back, long bangs in the front that usually fall into his eyes, slightly curly.
Other distinguishing features: Extremely pale, thin, handsome (in an exotic way), large black wings, usually dressed in black, black dress pants and jacke, white shirt though
Powers: He has telepathic abilities, though he can't read minds, he can converse telepathically, especially with Hizkiel who can pick up his thoughts easily (and vise versa). He has a strong power of suggestion, though it can be resisted easily if he does it (he doesn't do it often because of the tendency to be resisted) however, he can send someone to 'sleep' (leave them unconscious) if he can come into physical contact with them. He usually draws his power from water, and can control it to an extent, but it's not a refined control. Usually it's more of he causes rain storms when he's extremely angered. Also possesses an mental ability to stop a person from moving (sort of stick them in place) just so long as he maintains his attention on that target (and can only do one at a time).
Skills: Because of his quick reflexes, he's particularly deadly with blade weapons. He can hold his own in hand to hand combat and is good at disarming others in those situations.
Personality: Abrasive personality, he's aloof and doesn't seem too friendly unless you know him then he's a big sweetheart, seems to be a bit absent most of the time like something's on his mind.
History: He is the archangel Gabriel, Heaven's Messenger, the first creature ever created... he's got a bad attitude. His current charge is to continue to strive to end to the presence of evil on earth.
A bit of a roamer, he's never been in one place very long. The nature of his work won't let him be either, neither will the fact that he's a bit of a loner and has trouble getting close to others. Otherwise, his real history is a bit cloudy because he just won't let anyone know what is really going on with him.
Battle Suit (if any): (none)
Occupation (current and former): Heaven's messenger, warrior against evil (and stuff)
Birthplace: Not specified, sometimes he'll tell you Babylon, sometimes he just ignores the question
Birthdate: Just before the world was created
Marital Status: Married to his work... err single
Known Relatives: Speaks of 'brothers' but has no apparent family
Other Features: Has a tattoo of a crescent moon on the back of his neck below which is his sigil. His body temperature is rather cold, he's cold to the touch.
Weapons: A very fancy rapier style sword, a very fancy dagger, has a scimitar hidden somewhere sometimes and a braided leather bull whip.
Legal status (i.e. citizen): None
Group affilliation: Debatable, hard to tell who he aligns with
Base of operations: None
Special Limitations: Heat will slow him down considerably. His role is to fight evil, not much in human terms harms him greatly, but anything demonic can be harmful. He suffers from horrible headaches which can sometimes interfere with his abilities.

The one thing that can seriously harm him is cutting off his wings. It is a manifestation of his power, cutting them off will take his power from him.

----Power Ratings----

Strength:3 - Lift up to 2 tons
Agility:6 - Superhuman (significantly beyond the natural limits of the human body)
Reflexes:6 - Superhuman (virtually instantaneous)
Speed: 2 - Normal
Stamina: 5 - Able to sustain for a day
Durability: It's more like 4 1/2 rather than 4 or 5. He's impervious to cold, poisons and toxins to an extent, corrosives won't perminatly hurt him but will slow him down a bit, and it takes a hard hard hit to make him stop to physical attacks.
Fighting Ability:5 - Master of one form of combat; martial artist (pretty good with his fists too, but far better with a sword and dagger)
Intelligence:6 - Super-genius
Mental Abilities:3 - Compounded mind powers (strong one power or 2 powers)
Energy Projection:1- none

I dare you to say something about me


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    Thanks for the links. I love your umbrellas! They're gorgeous!

    That's oddly weird. I don't mean to be rude but that sounds a little controlling and paranoid.

    Lol XD Sometimes it a little easier to blame the kids! XD Just kidding. I know the feeling. I only got into it because of my husband. Though I watch a lot more cartoons now then before. XD He's been looking for an animator job since he graduated last year. I'm highly addicted to Gravity Falls at the moment. XD And horrible addicted to a podcast called Welcome to Nightvale. >.< I normally find myself gravitating to Sailor Moon rps but I struggle there because some plays are horrible snobs about it. >.<  But I'm hoping to get a muse in gear because my creativity for wanting to write is killing me. >.<

    I just sent you a message on Skype. Its either under lucid.butterfly or

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    I'm glad to hear you have two boys. I bet their wonderful like their mom. ^.^ Your gona have to give me the name of that site. ^.^ I love looking around on the goth etsy sites. I usually buy when I have the money. ^.^ I wouldn't mind buying from you at all. ^.^ How's the weather in Ohio. And if you want I can always give you my facebook account to keep in touch. I haven't used aim in a while. Its been a long while since I've had aim but I can always download it. Nowadays I use skype for my main messenger. ^.^

    Transformers sound fun I've stuck around to rping on and off through out the years. Some one on one based rps, forum rps, and an old yahoo group rp that I constantly drift back to. At the moment I'm back in that old yahoo group again, a Dead Like Me forum, and then some steampunk, futuristic, modern rp thats based off books called The Wild. Though the sad think is I'm searching hard for a muse again with writing. So I decided to track down all the old sites I use to be on. It was Sygil and the old yahoo site that always sparked my muse. I wanted to throw a hi on the board but didn't know how to start it or if I would even get an answer. ^.^ I was so glad to hear from you Jibril. It really made my day to hear from a good friend. ^.^

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    Reply from Gabriel:

    I hadn't been on AIM in like 8 years when they dragged me back for the RP... like I said the board doesn't allow chit chat (even though we have a thread labeled so, a former mod would freak out if we actually talked about anything, unless it involved her )

    I hear ya on the muse though, I was going nuts  in the year we had stopped here until I ventured to the Transformers stuff (okay,  I admit, have been crazy for the TFS since I was a kid, but the boys got me back into it, blame the kids :p ). A few of them there are utter crap egotistical jerks, but I managed to fall in with the crazy, amazingly creative players there that are a joy to be around (and put up with me :p ) and we just ignore the crap people :p

    I have a nevery used Skype account ([email protected],  the screen name is ctrlFrequency ) feel free to message there.   I just asked the guys if they wanted to switch to Skype half of them are international and AIM doesn't have a international client (they have to use a third party version, which confuses Ryan and never works for Steve :p ) 
    I'd be happy to use this as an excuse to switch :)

     And before I forget, my Etsy sites are etsy.Com/shop/CyberFreak (Cyber goth/industrial) and (goth, mainly umbrellas, but i'm plotting to expanding to hats! :p )
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    I'm been doing alright. I never got to finish school. I got sick during my second term and ended up having to leave. But things have been alright. I got married. ^.^ I'm happy to say and I got to live in Florida for a year before moving back to my home state again. I just work now as a candy cook assistant. I've missed this site a lot. ^.^ You guys were always great to be around. ^.^ I've been thinking about you guys a lot recently as well. I've been stalking the site recently. XD How are you doing? How have things been for you? ^.^
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    Reply from Gabriel:

    Glad to hear you got married! 
    Sorry about college though, that's such a bummer. :( 

    I'm still married, have 2 kids now (boys, 6 and 4) we moved back to Ohio, almost a year ago bought a house in Cleveland and I run an internet business (sell goth and cyber goth on Etsy) 

    We moved the show over to the other message board we had for the RP Snowy wanted to do (and never did, we went with a dystopian theme with the old characters0, Steph, Kev, Sean, and I. We stayed active on and off until just shy of two years ago. I haven't talked to the boys in a long while, but I still talk to Steph all the time (Facebook).

    Unfortunately I don't run an RP (though have been tempted) anymore. I still do it, found a great group of guys (seriously... all guys, 3 girls to 10+ guys, however the two other women are total bitches). The big reason for the gender gap is it's a Transformers RP, but it's fun stomping around the universe as a giant alien robot :) 

    If you still do AIM (I hate AIM, but I was forced into it) let me know. I couldn't remember my old email to log into my old account, but I tend to be perminately stuck on there as it's on my phone and tablet (the RP doesn't do chit chat on the board, so that's where I torture my Brits :p ), but I'd love to chit chat! I missed you!
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    I miss you guys to and I know its been a very long while since I've last long it. I know you probably won't get this since it seems like its been a while but I just wanted to say I miss you guys too. Things have had its ups and downs since I left the site.
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    Reply from Gabriel:

    Oh my God Forthsight! I was just thinking about you the other day!
    How are ypu, hon?

    We're not really active here much anymore, but I pop in Every couple months :)
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